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MTÜ BSides Tallinn

MTÜ BSides Tallinn is a non-profit association with the goal to foster information security knowledge sharing in Estonia, organize BSides Tallinn event and conduct other activities to support these goals.

Legal info

MTÜ BSides Tallinn
Legal address: Sütiste 6-8, 13414 Tallinn, Eesti
Email: info -at-
Registry code: 80597934
VAT code: EE102382697
IBAN: EE147700771006332072

Join in

MTÜ BSides Tallinn is organized on a volunteer basis. The members are not financially compensated and our main events are organized by volunteers.

If you would like to help with donations, organizing, marketing, logistics, finance, fundraising or just volunteer work, we welcome you warmly.

BSides format

Our non-profit was born from the wish to have a meeting place for Estonian infosec community, which would be open to everyone. To do that we chose BSides which is a popular format across the globe. At BSides events the local community decides upon and organizes the event from grass-root level.

In our case this is the event of BSides Tallinn, which includes talks and presentations coming from the community and other activities to foster knowledge sharing.


MTÜ BSides Tallinn organizes events and activities open to everyone. Community does not mean an ecxluding group, which limits the access to some people, but open doors to everyone who are interested in infosec. We see our activity as a voluntary work in public good. We wish to increase sharing of knowledge, experience and research among different groups like public and private sector, educational and research institutions, civic associations, experts and freelancers. We support raising the knowledge and skills of people and organizations with limited resources with the help of volunteer infosec specialists.

Financing and donations

Non-profit is financed by donations, sponsorships and sales of tickets. The board of non-profit and event organizers work on a volunteer basis and do not receive financial compensation.

MTÜ BSides Tallinn has been recognized as a non-profit benefiting from income tax incentives by Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

The Board

Board members of MTÜ BSides Tallinn are Aigar Käis, Hans Lõugas ja Liisa Tallinn.