BSides Tallinn* 2023

September 21, Vaba Lava

BSides Tallinn 2023 tickets sold in two tiers: Community and Supporter tickets.


In the rare case we have returns, you can hope for a ticket by sending your contacts to the waiting list:


September 21st, 2023
Timezone Tallinn/GMT +3

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Main track


Bring your ID to check-in. We'll make sure the coffee is hot.

Welcoming words. Greetings to the community. Housekeeping.

Try not to eat too much, because the food will be delicious.

We also have tea. And sandwiches. Just what you need.

Scam Message Service Tormi Tuuling, Silver Saks

Form a team and participate, or just enjoy Infosec Jeopardy at the main stage.

We'll come to a conclusion. Guidance how to get to the afterparty.

Time for some rest and recuperation. Access for ticketholders only.

whole day

Come and taste some great craft beer.

whole day

Go back in time with a proper LANparty.

whole day

Do a physical pentest on the ice cream fridge and La Muu will make you happy.

Agenda is subject to change.

How did we choose the speakers? Call for Papers (CFP) for BSides Tallinn 2023 was open from May to August. We received very intresting submissions across many subdisciplines and handed over the hard work of choosing the speakers to our CFP board. We've invited people with different background to our CFP board to make sure they choose talks based on what could be interesting and useful to the community.

Board members in alphabetical order: Sille Arikas (Clarified Security), Andres Elliku (Wise), Tiit Hallas (Dynatrace), Indrek Korela (Tallinna Sadam), Mai Kraft (Elisa), Aigar Käis (Telia, board lead), Merike Käo (Doubleshotsecurity), Triin Palts (Tele2).

Code of Conduct

  • Be open to new ideas and sharing
  • Have fun
  • Avoid having “fun” at the expense of others (spamming, trolling, harassing, the list goes on)
  • Respect the privacy of others
  • Protect everyones data
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Don't be an asshole
  • Be generally a nice person

In the end the organizers will define what is “being an asshole”. If you experience someone breaking the code of conduct, report it to the organizers via

BSides Tallinn 2023 will take place at JAIK (endine Vaba Lava) theatre. The address is Telliskivi 60a/9, Tallinn.

The afterparty will take place at Humalakoda bar (Kopli 1).

The venue and the afterparty bar are in the district of Telliskivi Loomelinnak. Telliskivi loomelinnak on Tallinn map:

Telliskivi Loomelinnak located in Tallinn

The afterparty at Humalakoda is within walking distance from the venue Vaba Lava:

Telliskivi Loomelinnak located in Tallinn

Looking for accommodation in Tallinn during the event? We have a special offer from one of our partners.

Hestia Hotel Ilmarine is a short walk or two tram stops from the venue, located at Põhja pst 21b, 10414 Tallinn.

Use the promo code BSIDES23 when booking directly via to unlock the special offer. Rooms available based on occupancy, better book ahead.

Our Student Program last year was successful and thanks to the support from Estonian Internet Foundation it is open again in 2023.

The aim of the project is to engage high school and university students in the Estonian internet and information security community, offer a supportive and open platform to present best student works, create friendly atmosphere to exchange experiences and knowledge between practitioners, researchers, students and other members of the community.

BSides Tallinn Student Program includes:

  • Invitation to speak and present original research via Call for Papers (deadline passed)
  • 40 free entrance tickets to university students, high school students or vocational school students with background in information security, cybersecurity or related field

For students under the age of 18, we will accommodate +1 extra ticket for teacher/mentor/instructor if we have extra capacity. Understanding English is expected, as presentations are delivered in English.

How to take part?

  1. Fill in this registration form Registration closed, all seats filled
  2. We will announce by 8th September at latest if you have been selected.

See you at BSides! Questions or need help? Write to us at

Sponsored by:

BSides Tallinn web presence is hosted by Zone.


Tasty prizes for the Special Puzzle sponsored by Lamuu.


Special thanks for each and every one of our supporter ticket purchasers, among others Port of Tallinn, SecTeam, Hasanen, Tarmo (MomraT) Mamers. This crowd makes the community what it is!

After the successful BSides Tallinn events in 2021 and 2022, the event is back again this year. BSides is a worldwide infosec event, organized by the local infosec community in every city it is held. BSides Tallinn is organized by a non-profit core-team, volunteers and sponsors. One distinguished element of all BSides events is that the talks on the stage are proposed by anyone and selected by a program committee consisting of local infosec gurus.

What is the content of BSides? Talks, presentations, demos, proof-of-concepts across a very broad spectrum of infosec topics. All of the content is proposed by community members. Final talks will be picked by a committee of professionals representing the organizers, private companies, academia, the state, freelancers.

But it is not just the smart stuff on stage. Almost as important (or maybe even more) is the informal part where you get to know other people.

Check out our Twitter and Facebook or come hang in our Slack to be up date with all news on BSides Tallinn 2023.


BSides Tallinn 2023 is organized by:

Aigar Käis

call for papers, talks

Hans Lõugas

finance, tickets, web

Liisa Tallinn

partners & sponsors

Silvia Väli

marketing, swag, volunteers

Matis Palm

event & logistics

Ken Peedimaa

workshops, volunteers

Rainer Tugevus

event security

Martti Kebinau

after-event party