BSides Tallinn 2022

September 22


BSides Tallinn

After the successful first BSides Tallinn in 2021, the event will be back in Estonia. Mark your calendars for September 22 for BSides Tallinn 2022

What is BSides? It is a worldwide infosec event, organized by the local infosec community. BSides Tallinn is organized by a non-profit core-team, volunteers and sponsors. One distinguished element of all BSides events is that the talks on the stage are proposed by anyone and selected by a program committee consisting of local infosec gurus.

What is the content of BSides? Talks, presentations, demos, proof-of-concepts across a very broad spectrum of infosec topics. All of the content is proposed by community members – that is you! We encourage you to start thinking about presenting at BSides 2022, the call for papers (CFP) will open in the first months of the year. Final talks will be picked by a committee of professionals representing the organizers, private companies, academia, the state, freelancers.

Sponsors? Sponsors are a vital part of the community. We are open to a wide variety of collaboration ideas as long as we are on the common ground of keeping product pitches and commercial demos away from BSides stages and workshops. Please get in touch via

Volunteers! Volunteering is an unique opportunity to gain experience in organizing high-interest community event, meet exciting people, peek behind the scenes and just have fun.

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BSides Tallinn organizers: Aigar Käis, Hans Lõugas, Liisa Tallinn, Silvia Väli, Matis Palm.